Leadership comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. The growth of your organization as well as those you are leading lands squarely on your shoulders. A 360 Self Assessment is a powerful tool that allows leaders to hone their skills and evaluate other potential leaders within their organization.

What Is A 360 Self Assessment?

360 self-assessment

It is self-initiated and self-controlled so the person who is completing the assessment has complete autonomy in that respect. However, once completed, the data is sent to the coach for evaluation. The coach then coordinates with the person to discuss.

You cannot simply print the results yourself; you have an unbiased third party (the coach) who is trained in interpreting 360 degree feedback collected as well as using it to help the subject of the assessment make the best use of it.

A 360 Self Assessment Overview

The 360 Self Assessment is nearly identical to the “normal” 360 assessment except for one detail: the subject of the assessment stays in control of the results throughout the process. There are no reports to managers or superiors, no organizational review, just one on one time between the assessment subject and the coach.

When you take a self assessment, simply key in your rater’s data, including their name, email address, and their relationship to you (manager, employee, etc.). The assessment provider will then send the email to the rater and collect the feedback.

Once all of the data has been collected, it is sent to a specially trained coach who will evaluate the information and draft a plan of action for the subject. The coach will then meet with the subject to analyze the data and go over the action plan. They will work together to find the best possible way to utilize the information.

360 Self Assessment vs “Normal” 360 Assessment

While the 360 self assessment and the “normal” 360 assessment are very similar (The actual parts of the assessment are identical to the normal 360), there are some differences that can have a significant impact on the subject’s outcome and how they utilize the data moving forward.

The biggest difference is that the subject, the employee who is requesting the self assessment, is the one who takes the initiative. The employee is the one to originate the process of the self assessment, whereas it is the organization that originates it with the more common 360 Degree Assessment.

The process is more fluid and easier since it is self assessed. This also makes it more cost-effective than the standard 360 assessment. Many leaders prefer this method because it does them a degree of control over their assessment as well as personal and career growth.

When the data is collected, a report is generated which is then sent to the coach. The coach contacts the subject and they work together. This bypasses the “middle man” of upper management so the anxiety that usually accompanies employee assessments is eliminated.

Just like the normal 360 Degree Assessment, the Self Assessment version also includes coaching and interpretive call when purchased through Edge Training Systems. What’s more, the assessment subject is able to select the 360 (leader, executive, individual contributors, nursing, nurse manager, assistant principal, principal, engineer, sales rep).

Benefits of the 360 Self Assessment

This 360 degree feedback tool has many benefits that are separate from the standard 360 Degree Assessments. While it is important to remember that both types of assessments definitely add value, it should be noted that each type of assessment has its own place and purpose.

The Self Assessment does provide leaders and organizations with a specific set of advantages that are optimal and preferred is certain professional settings.

Benefit: They’re cost-effective

One of the most prevalent benefits of the self assessment is its cost-effectiveness. Because it does not tax the various internal resources of an organization, production is maintained and there is virtually no disruption in the organization’s daily functions, yet it still allows for the 360 assessment feedback in a very low key way.

Benefit: They’re great for people in all business sizes

The Self Assessment is ideal for small companies and business owners. However, it is also great for mid-sized and large companies that do not want to be involved in the whole process of the 360 Degree Assessment.

Benefit: They’re adaptable

It is easily adaptable for any organization, including non-profits, and there are a number of different types of 360 assessments that are available, including leadership, executives, sales, individual contributors, and even custom designed assessments such as:

  • Design Engineers
  • Government Officials
  • Educational Leaders
  • Nurse Managers

You choose the type of assessment that is right for you and your organization.

The 360 Self Assessment Process

When you choose a self assessment, the feedback data is available to you (or to the person who is the subject of the assessment), not the company or a team of upper management who may or may not be involved in the subject’s job duties or even have an understanding of their position. It is entirely personal, right down to the assessment’s structure.

The person who is the subject of the assessment picks the competencies that fit their current position. This allows it to be tailored to even the most obscure position as well as positions with mainstream skill sets.

The entire process can be turned around in a day so there is little downtime and very little disruption in the day to day functions of the organization. This gives the system an overall low impact approach that is preferred by many leaders. As with any business, the fewer disruptions in workflow, the better – and the Self Assessment definitely delivers on that and so much more.

Take Action To Develop Yourself With A 360 Self Assessment

Great leaders don’t sit back and wait for their organization to initiate their professional development, they take the reins and take control of their career. You have the power to gather valuable feedback on your performance, skills, and abilities – feedback that can help you carve out the job performance level and leadership skills that will propel you in your career.

Gather that feedback the right way by using the right tools. Choose Edge Training Systems, the right vendor for confidential assessments and a company you can trust.

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