Do you have high potential candidates interested in exploring a leadership position?

Are you looking for a Cost Effective, Turnkey Solution to develop these candidates?

Look No Further:

The StepUp Emerging Leader Development program is a comprehensive, longitudinal, self-paced development experience, designed to help you identify and develop future leaders organically. StepUp is the end result of years of product testing and service development. The StepUp leadership development training program is the culmination of client experience and it works.

Three Phase Leadership Development Training Program

StepUp is a three phase, multi-step, self-paced process designed to help organizations grow leaders organically. Using developmental tools and recommendations of readiness, the potential candidate works through the three phases of the program.

Phase 1: Exploring

supports the potential candidate in exploring a leadership role and determining their readiness for this position.

Phase 2: Building

aids the potential candidate in developing their leadership skills.

Phase 3: Assessing

offered to the highest potential candidates where the individual participates in a TalentSIM Job Simulation.

The three phases are tailored to your organizational needs. Leveraging our proprietary resources as well as content from some of our partners (Skillsoft, AMA, CMR, Mercer etc.) and supplementing with resources your organization has available (classroom training or learning activities, etc.), we can tailor StepUp to any company or position.

Customized for each client using an ASP model, StepUp guides each candidate through the growth process. The customized automation and communication process makes it easy for the candidate’s current manager to engage, support, and coach the future leaders through this development program.

Utilize the tabs below to learn more about each phase. Contact Edge for a demo.

Exploring the Leadership Role

Exploring the Leadership Role

Candidates explore the role and responsibilities of a manager as well as explore areas for their development to meet the challenges of becoming a leader. In exploring future career path opportunities, it is important to consider a number of factors. This phase is designed to support candidates interested in exploring the Manager career path.

Through a series of assignments and activities, candidates will gain a clearer understanding of the Manger role and how their strengths and areas for development relate to the skills and behaviors required for success. All steps in the StepUp program should be completed in sequence.

Step 1

The Knowledge for Leaders is a criterion validated, 120 question, knowledge based assessment. It is designed to assess what you know about the key behaviors in eight critical leadership competencies needed to be an effective leader. Competencies include: Coaching & Counseling; Communicating Effectively; Influence & Negotiation; Managing Change; Managing Conflict; Performance Management; Problem Solving & Decision Making; and Setting Goals & Standards.

Step 1

You will be contacted by a trained coach regarding your assessment results. The coach will walk you through interpreting your assessment results and aid in determining the next steps for your action plan. A coaching report is completed by the coach once the call is completed.

Step 1

‘Leader as Coach’ is a straight-forward, practical book that can help you lead your people and your organization to greater success. The tips and practices in ‘Leader as Coach’ will enable you to sharpen your coaching skills so that you can attract and retain the talent you need for success, foster growth in others, provide effective feedback, orchestrate learning opportunities, and groom high-potential performers. After all, your people are your most important asset. The participant and manager will utilize a study and facilitator guide to discuss the principles discussed in this book.

Leaders As Coach
Step 1

The Edge 360 GAP Analysis utilizes 100 behavioral statements to collect performance data on twelve critical competencies. The data is collected from the participant and his/her manager and then a comprehensive report is generated. The GAP Analysis report is the opportunity to align performance with expectations. Once completed, the report is forwarded to the manager.

Step 1

The Statement of Interest has been designed to summarize the participant’s experiences in this phase and provide a forum to share their career path interest with management. The participant should complete the statement of interest online. Upon submitting the form, it will be forwarded to their manager and a Managerial Summary will then be available for the Manager to complete. The Statement of Interest is used to certify that the prior steps of Phase 1 have been completed and to determine whether the participant is ready to enter Phase 2 of StepUp.

Step 1

The Managerial Summary has been designed to capture the Manager’s observations of the participant’s experience in this phase. It provides a forum for sharing the participant’s career path interests and readiness with upper management and the HR department. Once the Statement of Interest is submitted by the candidate, the Manager will receive access to, and a request to complete the Managerial Summary for that specific participant.

Building on Your Current Skills

Building on Your Current Skills

Lifelong learning is the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated” [1] of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship and person development, but also competitiveness and employability. [2]

Phase 2: BUILDING Process provides focused individual and group learning opportunities to address defined needs. The first step in Phase 2 requires you to complete an online action planning document. This document will outline your learning commitments to address identified needs and leverage strengths.

Participant progression in the StepUp program requires you to accumulate a minimum of 30 BUILDING points. The activities used to reach the point requirement should be selected from the resources provided below and they should complement the objectives of your development plan.

E-learning Courses – You have access to over 100 e-learning courses that have been selected to best support your participants leadership development. Courses must be selected two at a time. Each completed e-learning course is worth 1 point. Please view the sample e-learning course list.

View Sample Report

Webinars – Facilitated seminars conducted over the internet. Our webinars will be conducted weekly, monthly or quarterly based on the demands of the client and the needs of the participants. Each webinar participation is worth 1 point. Please view the sample of available webinars.

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Classroom Training – Training workshops facilitated on-site and available to qualified learners. These classroom events can be scheduled quarterly or annually. They can be single day, 3 day or 5 day based on learner and client driven demand. Each classroom day of training is worth 3 points. Please view a sample of available classroom courses.

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[1] Department of Education and Science (2000). Learning for Life: White Paper on Adult Education. Dublin: Stationery Office.
[2] Commission of the European Communities: “adult Learning: It is never too late to learn”. COM(2006) 614 final. Brussels, 23.10.2006.

Assessing Your Readiness

Assessing Your Readiness

The final phase of StepUp is an assessment of leadership readiness.

What is TalentSIM?

TalentSIM is a competency-based assessment approach using online job simulation technology. Participants are presented with a series of scenarios, and at various points, they indicate how they would respond.

The scenarios are realistic and engaging, using background information, pictures, sound files, reference documents, and video clips.

A very large number of behavioral measures can be collected in a relatively short period of time. The assessment uses real-life situations and problem solving activities to measure 18 skills in seven competency areas:

  1. Planning and Goal Setting
  2. Driving for Results
  3. Influencing/Motivating Others
  4. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  5. Developing People
  6. Building Effective Teams
  7. Leading/Managing Change

How is TalentSIM Delivered?

TalentSIM is delivered 100% online – there are no offline activities or travel requirements.

What type of Feedback is Provided?

In addition to powerful aggregate reporting, the system also offers rich individual reports that help participants develop their skills. These reports include an overall performance metric in relation to a normative database, competency and skill-level scores, as well as specific development suggestions linked to a participant’s lowest rated skills.

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