Organizational View

A science and manufacturing company operating in more than 70 countries, our client offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture, nutrition, electronics, communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel.

Primary Goals & Objectives

Our client’s determination that having fully-engaged and accountable employees was critical to their business success, led them to a successful six sigma green belt project that focused on the identification of a measurement process to help define management and leadership development needs, and serve as input for possible topics in team manager learning environments. The Edge KnowlEDGE for Leaders assessment was selected as the assessment tool to determine development needs for Team Managers. Assessment scores from other locations as well as from other companies within the same industry were utilized to draw comparison results and conclusions from the data based upon test scores for individuals and composite scores.

Key Results & Training Opportunities

  • There was a significant developmental gap and training need in the Communicating Effectively competency across the site for Team Managers.
  • There was also a significant gap in capability within the Managing Conflict competency at one location versus another, and against the company as a whole.
  • Based on the KnowlEDGE for Leaders assessment results, a need arose to integrate a common performance and competency baseline, for use in Team Manager selection process.
  • The company found that the benefits of the KnowlEDGE for Leaders assessment results showed a potential impact on individual performance improvements, including job performance, incidents and incident investigations, people treatment incidents, etc.