Skills Assessments

The Edge Skills Assessments will provide a detailed picture of the strengths and needs of your managers and leaders. Our comparative database includes over 100,000 leaders who have taken our assessments, including a comparative profile by industry, job function or level of responsibility. Assessments are available as a scan able paper booklet or on the web, through the Edge Development Center. Each assessment competency is mapped to an online learning module, so leaders can address developmental needs immediately. Click here to learn more.

360-Degree Feedback Assessments

The EDGE 360-Degress Assessment process provides each employee with a multi-rater picture of his or her performance as perceived by others. This information is gathered from confidential feedback from supervisors, peers, direct reports, and internal or external customers and put into a detailed 60+ page 360-Feedback report.

Aligned with the core competencies found in our KnowlEDGE Assessments, the EDGE 360-Degree report includes a Knowledge Performance Grid, which incorporates the learner’s skills knowledge and perception data – providing leaders with the most comprehensive individual leadership profile available. Click here to learn more.