Terry O'Toole

“As an Executive Coach, I work with individuals that need a better understanding of how to perform properly in a group setting. I have used several other assessments that are too long or frustrating for most people. I highly recommend ACT365 because it is simple, logical, and very direct.

I use the program as a self-awareness tool. Most of the Directors, Managers, and supervisors that I work with are completely unaware of how they come across to their team. With this program, they better understand themselves and are able to put together an action-plan for their own personal development. I have seen significant improvements in performance and leadership as a direct result.”

Terry O’Toole, Talent and Leadership Effectiveness Consultant – Nuclear

Leigh Wilkinson

“In a previous position with a different employer, we found ourselves in a situation where we needed to hire managers quickly to stay ahead of our rapid growth. The managers that we hired came in with their own personal styles and a variety of issues that didn’t always make communication or leadership within the team effective. We found that we were in desperate need of some type of leadership assessment that would help us create a more cohesive set of leadership and team leadership behaviors. My previous employer used an original assessment that was an 8-hour multiple choice test which was exhausting for everyone involved. We desperately needed a more effective way to assess our team and establish a set of standard behaviors and practices. I contacted Edge training and asked for their help. Their Knowledge for Leaders instrument produced the same assessment results in under 90 minutes of testing. Later, Edge brought the test instruments online leading to even faster turnaround of results and additional reports showing group strengths and needs. This was invaluable for use in planning leadership development programs.

I currently work for the State of Maine as a Project Portfolio Manager and have continued using Edge Training and ACT365. Our agency customers have taken the assessments and receive coaching regarding their strengths and needs. Most managers are taking the online learning and genuinely appreciate the value of these programs. We purchased the Edge training programs for classroom sessions using videos and the actors that portray real life scenarios. The workbooks and presentation slides are included in the pricing of the training suite. With this system, we are able to train all leaders using the same terminology and openly discuss group and individual performance related to the materials presented. The leadership team is communicating more effectively and is able to work together on common goals and objectives. The knowledge and skills they are gaining will help them move along into more prominent and satisfying leadership roles. As these leaders are part of a significant organizational change effort, these materials help the group define and manage new roles and they are really excited to be a part of the future here.”

Leigh Wilkinson, Program Manager, Project Manager Office of IT at State of Maine

Dave Kakkuri, PhD

“I began working with Paul O’Keefe in the mid 90’s when I worked in the Operations Division at Kraft. We embarked upon a major change effort within the division and discovered that we needed to develop a common language within the company. Our primary focus was to make sure that the needs of each individual aligned appropriately with the needs of the group and company, as a whole. We also wanted to make sure that our mission and goals were understood and that each team member was working towards these goals.

The knowledge assessments and ACT365 allowed each individual to progress and closed the gap between their personal goals and the overall goals of the company. Furthermore, it helped us to create the common language that would help us move the initiative forward.

After 23 years with Kraft, I moved into a position as Director/Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University where I continued using the assessments. Integrity, combined with resources that are readily available is why Edge Training and ACT365 stand above the rest.”

Dave Kakkuri, PhD