The effectiveness of your leadership team is a vital part of your organization reaching its highest potential.

One component of being an effective leader is knowing the areas in which you struggle and those in which you strive.

Edge Training’s 360 degree leadership assessments gather confidential feedback from supervisors, peers, team members and other stakeholders. This feedback is packaged into a detailed 360 degree report that provides the most comprehensive leadership profile available.

The ultimate goal of this feedback is to share insights with the leader to improve their performance and that of the organization as a whole.

Advantages of the Edge 360 Degree Leadership Assessment

Confidential feedback. All feedback collected from peers, team members, stakeholders and others is kept fully secure and confidential.

Behavioral insights. Leaders gain insight into how others perceive their leadership skills. This information helps them determine areas in which they’re doing well and those that need improvement.

Action planning tools. Leaders and administrators gain access to learning materials to guide them in using their feedback to improve their practices moving forward.

Progress and feedback tracking. Test administrators can track the progress of the feedback while sending reminder emails to move the process to completion. Since the feedback system is managed and monitored by Edge Training instead of internal team members, the assessment feedback completion rate is at almost 100%.  

Comprehensive reports. The final feedback report is exhaustive with up to 60 pages of detailed information available online, via email or a paper copy.

360 Feedback Assessments Edge Training Has Developed

Edge 360 for Leaders

The Edge 360 for Leaders Assessment provides a detailed picture of the strengths and needs of managers and leaders. Our comparative database includes over 100,000 leaders who have taken our assessments, including a profile by industry, job function or level of responsibility.

Each assessment competency is mapped to an online learning module so that leaders can address developmental needs immediately.

Executive 360 Assessment

The Executive 360 Assessment incorporates feedback gathered from supervisors, peers, internal or external customers, and others into a comprehensive report that aids leaders in leadership development.

Aligned with the core competencies found in our KnowlEDGE for Executive Assessments, the Executive 360 feedback assessment report includes a Knowledge Performance Grid, which incorporates the learner’s skills knowledge and perception data – providing leaders with the most comprehensive individual leadership profile available.

Edge 360 for Nurse Managers

The Edge 360 for Nurse Managers incorporates feedback provided by leaders, peers, direct reports, and internal or external customers into a comprehensive report that will aid in personal development. Purchase includes access to the Edge Development Portal, online data collection and a detailed report of the collected data.

Once all data is collected, a 1-hour interpretation call is available for this healthcare leadership assessment program. This call helps to make the best use of your feedback as you develop an action plan moving forward.

Edge 360 for Administrative Leaders

The Edge 360 for Individual Contributors Assessment incorporates feedback gathered from supervisors, peers, internal or external customers, and others into a comprehensive report that aids leaders in leadership development.

The Edge 360 for Individual Contributors provides 360 feedback for those individuals that work closely with others in their organization, but do not supervisor others.

Other Custom-Designed 360 Degree Assessments

Other 360 assessments include the following plus many more:

  • Edge 360 for Design Engineers
  • Edge 360 for Government Officials
  • Edge 360 for Educational Leaders
  • Edge 360 for Sales
  • And many more…

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Other Uses for 360 Assessments

The 360 assessments that Edge Training have developed can also be used to administer a GAP Analysis Assessment, also known as a 180 assessment.

The GAP Analysis assessment incorporates data provided by the participant and his/her supervisor. This assessment includes targeted questions that initiate conversations among the supervisor and participant surrounding the participant’s performance, strengths and areas of development. The Gap Analysis assessment aids in development planning and career planning.

The GAP Analysis assessment provides a targeted report on the perception of performance between the participant and one specific rater category, usually the supervisor. The data collection and competency model is identical to the process and competencies for the 360 assessment.

The report generated is concise and beneficial to observing strengths and developmental opportunities as identified by individuals completing the evaluation.

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Custom 360 Degree Leadership Assessments

Edge Training Systems has extensive experience with customized assessments. We have customized 360 degree feedback assessments for a wide variety of clientele. We will review your competency model and develop a 360 assessment based on the competencies and desired behavior for the target audience.

Whether you have already developed your behavioral items and are just looking for a partner to collect and report data for your healthcare leadership assessments, or are looking for a partner to develop an assessment for you, Edge Training has the experience to complete the job in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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