Edge Training Systems uses a blended learning approach outlined in the Leadership Development Cycle. Following this model allows training to focus only on areas which need improvement and incorporates evaluation to ensure comprehension.

Edge Skill Assessments

The Edge Skills Assessments will provide a detailed picture of the strengths and needs of managers and leaders. Our comprehensive database includes over 100,000 leaders who have taken our assessments, including a comparative by industry, job function or level of responsibility.

Edge Skill Assessments

Knowing the strengths and needs of managers and leaders is the first step in determining the coaching and developmental requirements needed to address competency gaps. The results of the assessment will provide a clear picture of each leaders strengths and developmental needs.

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Choose a trainer from our Facilitator Network to help you reach your training goals by developing an action plan from your assessment results.

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One component of our blended learning system is e-Learning. Our two course bundles concentrate on the most important interpersonal and business skills. Each course correlates directly to Edge Training’s measured assessment competencies in the KnowlEDGE for Leaders and EDGE 360º for Leaders assessments.

Another training resource is the Edge Video collection. Our videos use real-life scenarios to help learners identify with the character while our leaders guides promote learning through interaction. With the Edge Video License you will receive a master copy of the video with the right to reproduce and stream the program.

The Essential Video Library

Learning is a continuous process with measurable results. To become a truly great leader it is necessary to continue to pursue new information and self development. Edge Training can help leaders discover their strengths and fill in the gaps where more knowledge is needed. These new skills will not only make better leaders, they will make better organizations.

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The EDGE 360-Degree Assessment process provides each employee with a multi-rater picture of his or her performance as perceived by others. This information is gathered from confidential feedback from supervisors, peers, direct reports, and internal or external customers and includes a detailed 60+ page report.

Aligned with the core competencies found in our KnowlEDGE Assessments, the EDGE 360-Degree report includes a Knowledge Performance grid, which incorporates the learner’s skill knowledge and perception data – providing leaders with the most comprehensive individual profile available.

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