Six Sigma Project – Identify Development Needs for Team Managers

Our client’s determination that having fully-engaged and accountable employees was critical to their business success, led them to a successful six sigma green belt project that focused on the identification of a measurement process to help define management and leadership development needs, and to serve as input for possible topics in team manager learning environments. Read More…

Kraft – Employee Training and Development

Kraft Foods is a global leader in branded foods and beverages and is largest food and beverage company headquartered in North America and second largest in the world. With more than 100 years of quality and innovation, Kraft Foods markets many popular brands in more than 155 countries.

Edge Training Systems Inc. has successfully assessed over 4000 leaders in over 100 locations in the United States, Mexico & Canada. Our customized solutions include 360° FeedbackKnowledge For Leaders, and Operational Knowledge assessments based on Kraft Food’s Core competencies. Our customized reporting is designed to link individual development to the Kraft appraisal process.

In support of Kraft Food’s global training initiatives, Edge Training has recently developed seven 180° and 360° assessment instruments, which are all available online in several different languages.

SCANA – Leadership Assessment Strategy

SCANA Corporation, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Columbia, SC, is an energy-based holding company principally engaged, through subsidiaries, in electric and natural gas utility operations and other energy-related businesses.

SCANA selected Edge Training Systems to be their preferred vendor for 360-feedback and Knowledge-based assessment training on behaviors that are directly tied to SCANA’s core competencies. SCANA’s leadership assessment strategy is to provide leaders with tools that will help them assess and prioritize their strengths and areas of development.

Through our comprehensive 360 process and reporting, Edge Training met SCANA’s objectives for their 360-feedback process by:

  • Showing leader’s the relationship between technical and core SCANA competencies in order to effectively meet leadership expectations.
  • Identified competency gaps, hidden areas of strength, and developmental opportunities.
  • Ensured the confidentiality of assessment data and reporting, including the collection of observable behaviors that support SCANA’s core competencies.