The GAP Analysis assessment is a 180 degree feedback assessment that incorporates data provided by the participant and his/her supervisor. This assessment provides targeted questions that aid the supervisor and participant to begin conversations surrounding the participant’s performance, strengths and areas of development. The Gap Analysis assessment aids in development planning and career planning.

The GAP Analysis assessment provides a targeted report on perception of performance between the participant and one specific rater category, normally the supervisor. The data collection and competency model is identical to the process and competencies for the 360 assessment. The report generated is concise and beneficial to observing strengths and developmental opportunities as identified by individuals completing the assessment.

Primary Audience:

All 360 assessments

GAP Analysis

Competencies Measured:

A GAP Analysis assessment can be created using the any of the 360 assessments we have available. The competencies assessed are the same as the competencies for the assessment utilized.

The GAP Analysis sample report is a sample utilizing the competencies of the Edge 360 for Leaders

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