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A Policy Is Not Enough

A Policy Is Not Enough: Leading A Respectful Workplace

Too many organizations are learning the hard way that the actions (or inactions) of their leaders can create tremendous liability for the organization when it comes to workplace harassment. In US Supreme Court rulings, the court made clear that organizations can be held liable for the supervisors’ behavior, even if they had no knowledge of that behavior.

It’s not enough for an organization to draft a policy against harassment. Organizations today must ensure that all of their leaders are proactively working to create and lead a respectful workplace, one free from harassment and discrimination.

Participant Objectives:

  • Prepares leaders to lead a respectful workplace.
  • Learn to model respectful behavior in the workplace.
  • Coach employees to avoid disrespectful behavior.
  • Respond immediately to situations that could lead to harassment claims.
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With All Due Respect

With All Due Respect: Promoting A Respectful Workplace

With so much training today focused narrowly on the question “Is this harassment or isn’t it?” We tend to lose sight of what should be the desired goal — a respectful workplace. This video prepares employees to promote a respectful workplace everyday.

Participant Objectives:

  • Realize the importance of familiarizing themselves with your organization’s policies and the law.
  • Acknowledge that all people have an equal right to work in a respectful environment.
  • Examine the attitudes, beliefs, and actions towards those who are different.
  • Understand a respectful workplace is built on equality, accepting differences, and appreciating diversity.
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You Call That Respect

You Call That Respect: Overcoming Obstacles To A Respectful Workplace

This video presents eleven workplace scenarios involving different types of workplace harassment and gives trainers and participants the opportunity to discuss what they have seen, what actions they would take in the given situation, and what should happen in these situations.

Participant Objectives:

  • Workplace harassment; Do we know it when we see it? Do we know how to respond to it when we witness it? Or are we the victim of it?
  • Trainers will guide the discussion in the direction that’s most helpful and interesting to their participants without being locked in to narrators, content experts, and canned responses.
  • Participants can respond openly and fully to each scenario they have seen.
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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment: No Roles, No Rules

This video focuses on making the workplace a comfortable environment for all people. By addressing the concerns of both men and women regarding the current issues of sexual harassment, this video helps defuse the tension which surrounds this topic and allows your participants to deal with the subject.

Participant Objectives:

  • Create a comfortable workplace environment.
  • Define how sexual harassment harms the victim, the harasser and the organization.
  • Recognize that men and women have different fears about the issue of sexual harassment.
  • Provide guidance in how to avoid and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.
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