Experienced Leadership Development Coaches & Mentors for all Leadership Levels

Having effective educational and development programs at your disposal is critical to making sure your leaders and employees reach their full potential.

But, without experienced leadership development coaches and mentors to facilitate those programs, you won’t be able to fully harness those opportunities. You can even set your leaders, employees, and company back by applying for developmental programs the wrong way.

To make sure you get the most from your leaders, Edge provides the brightest and most experienced facilitators and coaches in the industry to help you develop the crucial skills they need to succeed.

Our coaches can help your leaders:

  • Interpret their assessment results and plan future training to fill in knowledge gaps
  • Adapt to new positions, changing responsibilities and new challenges
  • Develop an action plan to reach agreed-upon goals for themselves and their organization

Leadership Development Coaching Calls

Edge’s leadership development coaching calls are the perfect tool to help your leaders get the most out of their Edge Assessments. A trained coach will talk one-on-one with each leader to help them interpret their results and determine the next steps to improved job performance.

Our coaches will help participants understand comments. Our coaches will help separate the person from the perception so leaders can learn how to perform for better results.

The Edge Leadership Development Coaching Difference: The coaches at Edge Training bring industry-leading experience, preparing them to handle any situation and to coach all leaders, no matter what hurdles they face.

Developing your leaders without a leadership development coach means leaving opportunities on the table, for your company and for the personal and professional development of your leaders and employees.

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Still not sure? Look at this Sample Coaching Call Record first to get a preview.

Leadership Development Mentoring Program

Developing a mentoring relationship with a more experienced leader is an invaluable tool in leadership development. Allowing your leaders the opportunity to develop a mentor relationship with an Edge Training Leadership Development Specialist can aid in effectively managing the developmental needs of your organization.

Did You Know: Research shows that mentoring in the workplace can boost productivity and employee job satisfaction while decreasing employee turnover rate.

In our Leadership Development Mentoring Program, the mentor-protégé relationship begins with the goals of the relationship being identified. A plan will then be developed on how those goals will be accomplished. Monthly progress meetings will be held between the mentor and protégé to follow up on items achieved over the month and challenges encountered.

The mentor program is an effective, proven tool, whether it’s needed for a short-term project or a more extended mentoring relationship

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of our mentors will aid your organization in delivering high-quality training initiatives to your leaders.

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Still not sure? Look at this Sample Mentoring Action Plan first to get a preview.

Recommended Length of Leadership Development Engagement

Each leader and employee that is enrolled in our leadership development coaching and mentoring programs will progress a little differently, based on abilities, experience, job title, goals, and more. But, based on years of experience, we recommend the following as a guide for optimal growth and development.

How Do Coaching & Mentoring Calls Work?

1. You and your Edge Representative will determine what level of coaching or mentoring is needed. This will vary based on company and individual goals, current position and skill level, and several other factors.

2. The coach or mentor sets up an appointment with the leader (and manager if necessary) and the relationship begins. It’s important to include managers, when applicable, from the beginning in order to get a full picture about the development needs and opportunities.

3. For a mentoring relationship, the mentor, leader, and the leader’s manager will prepare an agreement outlining the goals and understanding of the relationship. This will act as a guide for the beginning of the coaching or mentoring process. This agreement allows all parties to look back at the beginning to see where development started and how it compares to the current status or future goals.

View A Sample Agreement

4. The coach or mentor will aid the leader in utilizing the Edge Action Planning pages to create an action plan. The online action plan is accessible by the coach/mentor, the leader, and the company administrator. This enables everyone to stay on the same page throughout the coaching or mentoring process and encourages better communication.

5. Once the coaching or mentoring program concludes, the coach/mentor and leader will complete a feedback form from the meeting. These are accessible by the company administrator and they allow the managers to analyze the results of the program and act accordingly–with ending the program and continuing development with other tools or continuing with a coaching or mentoring program.

View Sample Feedback

6. Adapt to new positions, changing responsibilities and new challenges. Your leadership development program should be an ongoing process that allows for continual growth. Whether you utilize additional tools and resources from Edge or you leverage internal resources, it’s important to continue the developmental process.

7. Develop an action plan to reach agreed-upon goals for themselves and their organization. In addition to the coaching or mentoring goals and action plan, you should create goals and action plans for after these programs conclude. This will provide structure around organizational and individual goals and development.

Start Leveraging Experienced Leadership Development Coaches And Mentors

Boost the effectiveness of your leadership development efforts by enlisting our experienced coaches and mentors. Moving forward with leader development without this means leaving opportunity and potential on the table.

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