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For students, there are many ways to make your resume stand out from the rest. Whether it’s leading volunteer efforts in your community to maintaining a stellar GPA, several factors can impact how well your resume looks to future employers.

Another way to strengthen your resume is by obtaining an emerging leaders scholarship.  

18 Emerging Leaders Scholarships That Will Look Good On Your Resume

The scholarships we feature on our list have been chosen based on the prestige of the school offering them, the exclusivity of the scholarship, and the program requirements needed to qualify.

1. Emerging Leaders Scholarship at Purdue University

This scholarship has stringent academic requirements, and it is designed to help new students who have the potential to be leaders.

2. Maroon and Gold Leadership Award at University of Minnesota

For incoming freshmen who are in the top 1% to 3% of their graduating class, this scholarship can help them stand out and give them the opportunities they need to become the best leaders possible.

Consideration is based on GPA, ACT and SAT scores and school coursework.

3. Emerging Leaders Award at Washington University in St. Louis

This award honors recent alumni who have had an impact on their organizations through the creation of knowledge and inspiring others.

4. Mary Lee Hobbs Steel Emerging Leader Scholarship at Pennsylvania State

This scholarship is designed to honor sophomores and juniors who have shown strong leadership skills, creativity, initiative, and other qualities while at Penn State.

5. The Emerging Leader Master’s Award by the University of Redlands

This scholarship provides an opportunity for new masters’ program enrollees to show how they’ll make a difference in their chosen field.

Applicants must submit a resume or CV, a scholarship application, and an essay describing how they’ll change an issue in the education or counseling fields.

6. Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program at Weber State University

This scholarship comes with an emerging leaders program designed to increase participants’ knowledge of how they individually lead others.

Qualifications include a 3.0 GPA, high ACT or SAT scores, and previous participation in leadership roles.

7. Obama Foundation Scholars Program at University of Chicago

University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy, together with the Obama Foundation, provides a scholarship and leadership program that helps participants develop action plans to help their community.

The program extends well beyond graduation, making it the ultimate in civic leadership preparation.

8. The Park Leadership Fellows Program at Cornell University

This program, which provides two years full tuition, selects 25 MBA candidates for a two-year program designed to improve leadership abilities and help students give back to the community.

Applicants must be Johnson College of Business MBA candidates.

9. Emerging Leaders Scholarship at University of Memphis

Candidates who prove their interest in leadership programs can receive the Emerging Leaders Scholarship at the University of Memphis.

This scholarship requires students to fulfill all programs and responsibilities and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

10. Leadership Engagement Scholarship at University of Michigan

This program is offered to students who have demonstrated their leadership ability in the past. After graduation, they are expected to continue contributing to the university by mentoring students.

Applicants must demonstrate that they either currently hold or aspire to obtain a student leadership position.

11. Bloomberg Hopkins Emerging Leader Award at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

This program is designed to fund the work of students or alumni who are committed to resolving current and future public health challenges.

Out of over 100 applicants, only one is selected.

12. The Leadership Award at the University of California, Berkeley

This scholarship requires a demonstrated leadership impact within an academic, work-related, or community sphere, as well as an in-person interview.

It’s purely merit-based, and it’s highly competitive.

13. Purdy Emerging Leaders Scholarship for Missouri Universities

Missouri residents attending a four-year public university or the State Technical College for Missouri have the opportunity to apply for the Purdy Emerging Leaders Scholarship.

Applicants must meet high academic standards and show leadership potential.

14. Rady FlexMBA Fellowship for University of California, San Diego

The Rady FlexMBA program offered at UC San Diego is among the top executive programs in the nation, and the fellowship provided to participants shows that they are committed to contributing to their industry in the region.

15. Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service at NYU Wagner

This fellowship, called FELPS, provides participants with development opportunities that enable them to contribute to the community more fully.

It also gives them opportunities to connect with other leaders and hear from experts in the field.

16. Business Emerging Leaders Program at University of Wisconsin – Madison

In addition to providing business majors with a four-year full scholarship, the BEL Program helps students who have demonstrated strong leadership capabilities to gain a competitive edge in their college career.

17. Emerging Leaders in Engineering Scholarship at University of Washington

For engineering students who show leadership potential, the scholarship program offered by UW’s College of Engineering provides both financial help as well as weekly learning opportunities.

18. Alvin M. Ferst Leadership and Entrepreneurship Award at Georgia Tech

Juniors and seniors at Georgia Tech who have shown strong entrepreneurship or leadership abilities and who are in solid academic standing can receive this award.

Only one is awarded per year, so it’s fairly competitive.

Applying For An Emerging Leaders Scholarship

For college students, the path beyond a university campus may be unknown. However, you can forge your own way towards success by applying for an emerging leadership scholarship.

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