The Best Leadership Training Videos For Your Management Team

It’s a fact: Employees want to work for organizations that offer quality professional development. One long-term study found that 74% of workers polled wanted more professional development in their place of employment. They felt they weren’t meeting their full potential in the workplace because of a lack of professional development.

In fact, the desire for strong professional training and leadership development is so great that its absence can precipitate an exodus of your most valuable employees. Productive employees who want to move up also want to be trained and developed. It’s to your benefit to make sure you meet this need.

Have you given much thought to the training and development of your employees?

You should. Once you begin to look into it, you’ll see that it does come with a price tag, but it’s well worth it. The price tag is heftier when the training is conducted face-to-face. However, there is an avenue you can take that provides the desired, and necessary, training without significant costs. That avenue is using quality leadership training videos for the workplace.

Using Leadership Training Videos For More Convenient, Effective Workplace Leadership Training

Does your organization have a repository of leadership training videos? A library of training videos is a resource that employees can go to over and over at minimal expense. If you should opt to get into leadership training videos management, it’s important to decide what topics you want these videos to cover. Granted, some topics must be taught face-to-face; however, there are many foundational topics that can be effectively addressed with a quality video. What are some of the topics your leadership training videos should cover? Ethics, coaching and mentoring, conflict resolution, influence and negotiating and performance feedback are some topics that can be covered in your leadership training videos management system.

1. Ethics, Values and Accountability in the Workplace

The topic of ethics, values and accountability is sure to produce the most confusion, and possibly the most trouble, in your work environment. It’s also a topic in which workers want to see more leadership development and training. One study found that 82% of workers polled stated that they have no real ability to hold their coworkers accountable, although they wanted and/or needed to at times. Further, a whopping 91% stated that one of the most necessary leadership development needs of their organization was to improve their ability to effectively hold their coworkers accountable.

With so many gray areas, numerous ways in which individuals can be trained, countless interpretations of accountability and responsibility, and various definitions of what is ethical and moral, it’s imperative that you explain to your employees what your expectations are from the outset and create a means for them to hold each other accountable. Gray areas are hard to navigate once you’re in them, and the navigation grows even harder when there’s no one to help you on your way. What starts like a little problem or a slight dissonance could end up the basis for devastating litigation in the future. Training on accountability is a must. Be proactive and make sure to include a video on ethics, values and accountability in your leadership training videos management system.

2. Coaching and Counseling for Greater Workplace Productivity

Coaching, counseling and mentoring are integral components of developing a leader and should be in any organization’s leadership training videos management. In many respects, they are the bedrock of training up a leader. Although coaching and mentoring may appear simple and natural, they are skills that must be developed and nurtured in your up-and-coming leaders. Training videos that address the difference between coaching and counseling, when and how to counsel and/or coach, and how to grow others through coaching and counseling are a must.

3. Conflict Resolution is a Necessary Skill

Conflict happens in every environment, and the workplace is no exception. In fact, the workplace is an ideal environment for conflict, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Conflict, when handled in a healthy, proactive and positive manner, can lead to better outcomes and innovative ideas that never would’ve occurred otherwise. You want to develop your leaders to manage and resolve conflict in a positive way. Videos that focus on conflict resolution are an important addition to your organization’s leadership training videos management system.

4. Negotiating to Collaboration using Influence and Persuasion

One area that can be overlooked in creating leadership training videos is how to conduct negotiations using influence and persuasion. The reason is that influence and persuasion are “soft” skills that can, at times, have negative connotations. However, any leader must understand the role of influence and persuasion in getting things done or negotiating beneficial terms quickly and efficiently.

A leader needs to be skilled at moving others from confrontation to collaboration and from conflict to consensus. Nothing is more disappointing and demoralizing than a breakdown of negotiations or a shutdown that occurs because of failed negotiations that could have been averted had influence been used properly. Make sure to train your employees in the soft skills of influence, persuasion and negotiation and how to get everyone to collaboration and compromise. A high quality training video that explains the steps and guides your employees through the process of negotiating can only help.

5. Guiding Employee Performance for Maximum Results

How do you drive your employees? In what way do you train your leaders to encourage employees to constantly push “forward”? Training employees in goal setting is a must. In failing to plan, your employees are unconsciously planning to fail. Where are they going? What’s their road map for getting there? Every leadership training video library needs to address goal setting and objective writing.

Employees must be skilled in creating goals and objectives that they truly believe in and are challenging, yet attainable. Your leaders must be able to assess themselves and their employees for their strengths as well as their areas of need. They must know how to hone in on how to best develop their strengths and improve their areas of need. Training videos on guiding employee performance will help.

Empower Your Leaders With High Quality Leadership Training Videos

As you begin to develop your leadership training videos management system, your first decision must be what topics you want your videos to cover. The previously mentioned topics are key leadership concerns, yet they work well in a video format. Such videos are convenient and cost-effective because your employees can review them at their leisure for minimal cost. So go ahead, look toward expanding your leadership training videos management, it can only benefit you and your company.

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