Edge Leadership Skills Assessment Suite


Edge Leadership Skills Assessment Suite - leadership development assessment

Includes: KnowlEDGE for Leaders, EDGE360º for Leaders, and Financial KnowlEDGE for Decision Makers.


Skills Assessments


360 Degree Feedback Assessments


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Leadership Skills and Development Assessment

The Essential Leadership Suite offers the advantage of three unique leadership assessment instruments – covering 16 core competencies. It provides an in-depth understanding of the developmental requirements of your organization and a clear direction for individual leadership and growth.


Discover What Your Team Knows About Effective Leadership Development and Implementation


KnowlEDGE for Leaders

This statistically validated assessment instrument covers eight core leadership competencies. Our comparative database includes over 50,000 leaders who have taken this assessment, including a comparative profile by industry, job function, or level of responsibility.


Capture What Your Leaders are Really Doing with the EDGE360° for Leaders

The EDGE360° for Leaders Assessment is a key developmental tool used to provide input on the alignment of behaviors and leadership core competencies. It provides each employee with a multi-rater picture of his or her performance as perceived by others. Each core competency has a set of positively phrased behavioral statements that the feedback provider uses to give input on a leader's effectiveness.


Measure What Your Team Knows About Financial and Accounting Principles with Financial KnowlEDGE for Decision Makers

Financial KnowlEDGE for Decision Makers will assess your employees' strengths in financial decision-making, pinpoint possible training and education needs, and further identify and develop the financial skills necessary to succeed.



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