Customer Service

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us:

“They consistently deliver a quality product that meets the needs of the client.”

“They have a non-negotiable desire to produce products that absolutely, at minimum, meet the customer’s needs.”

“They have very quick turn around times.”

“When we need to do something special, Edge has options for us.”

“Integrity — they do what they say they are going to do.”

“Quality — The quality is there without question.”

“Flexibility, customization – they have a set protocol, but if you need to do something a little different, they know how to do that and maintain the quality.”

“With Edge, the customer always comes first. That is just the way they operate.”

“Their responsiveness – whenever I call them, I get an immediate response.”

“They can turn on a dime in terms of responsiveness.”

“They are extremely flexibility and adaptable.”

“They are very receptive to ideas and open to our practical needs.”

“They are very quick to change course, if needed, because they are interested in insuring that the product they provide is exactly what the user needs.”

“They truly are customer focused – they care about customer needs.”

“They are very interested in meeting or exceeding client expectations.”

“Honesty, integrity, down to earth, real people.”