Leadership And Management Training Systems


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Edge Training Systems, Inc. offers many different leadership development and management training programs. No matter what your leadership and employee development needs might be, we have a solution that will work for you. The following management training systems are the most common products. Simply select one of the options to read more about it.

Employee Training Videos

Our workforce training videos address issues on sexual harassment, conflict resolution, communicating effectively, managing the appraisal process, preventing workplace violence, diversity, and more. The videos are available in DVD, or as a streaming video online course.
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Skills Assessments

Our knowledge-based assessment solutions provide a clear picture of the strengths and needs of managers and leaders, and is the first step in determining the coaching and developmental requirements needed to address competency gaps.

Our Knowledge Based assessments utilize a multiple-choice format to measure the participant’s knowledge of the key behaviors anchoring the competencies being assessed. Each question has a preferred answer and three distractors. The question measures the participant’s knowledge of a specific behavior. These behaviors directly correlate to the core competencies of each assessment.
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360-Degree Feedback Assessments

The EDGE 360-Degree employee performance assessment process provides each employee with a multi-rater picture of his or her performance as perceived by others. Each core competency has a set of positive phrased behavioral statements that the feedback provider uses to give input on a leader’s effectiveness.

Aligned with the core competencies found in our KnowlEDGE Assessments, the EDGE 360-Degree report includes a Knowledge Performance Grid, which incorporates the learner's skills knowledge and perception data - providing leaders with the most comprehensive individual leadership profile available.
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e-Learning Online Leadership Development Courses

Our online training courses have been selected to map directly with key management and leadership competencies. Based on results from an assessment, a learner can build on their current strengths or work on a developmental need by taking a targeted course module.

Our blended learning approach can provide learners with recommended training based on the needs of the individual and the organization.
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Instructor-Led Training Sessions

Whether you need a facilitator for a strategic planning session or to administer a training course, we have some of the top trainers in the country available to assist with your training needs.

Our network of facilitators and trainers have added mutual strengths in our capacity to offer value-added services to our suite of employee leadership and development products. Drawing upon a very talented group of professionals, our instructor-led trainers and facilitators offer extensive experience in leadership development, management training and more.
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Coaching & Mentoring

Some of the brightest and most experienced facilitators and coaches in the industry are available to help your leaders develop the crucial skills they need to succeed.

Developing a mentoring relationship with a more experienced leader/facilitator is an invaluable tool in leadership development. Allowing your leaders the opportunity to develop a mentor relationship with an Edge Training Leadership Development Specialist can aid in effectively managing the developmental needs of your organization.
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Customized Leadership And Management Training Systems

Edge Training Systems, Inc. offers more than just packaged developmental products. These leader and management training systems are designed to be turn-key for a wide range of businesses or to be customized specifically for your company needs.

We have thousands of questions and behaviors in our assessment library that can be leveraged in creating a custom skills-based or 360-degree feedback assessment that supports your organization's competencies and vision.

Our team will review your organizational competencies and determine the appropriate questions or behavioral statements to appropriately build a customized assessment for your organization. Each behavior is mapped to a key competency, job function and appropriate blended learning assets.

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