ACT365 Leader Development System


ACT365 is a comprehensive, cost-effective, turn-key developmental system ideal for new first-line Supervisors and Managers. This program was developed from the proprietary principles of the “Edge Leadership Development Cycle” and utilizes the best available assessments, coaching & training programs to address development in 12 critical leadership competencies. ACT365 will provide new leaders with the critical developmental foundation necessary for success.


On commencement, all ACT365 participants will complete the Knowledge for Leader & Edge Gap Analysis assessments.

The Knowledge for Leaders (view sample report) is a criterion validated by 120 questions multiple-choice questionnaire designed to measure what you know about good leadership behavior in 8 critical leadership skills. It is the first time participants see in black and white where their individual strengths and developmental needs are based on what they know.

“In my prior position as Training & Development Manager for a large manufacturer, we had over 100 leaders and the top 6% tested as such on these assessments. They allowed us to identify these higher-level leaders and continue to support them in achieving their personal & professional goals. In this business, we want to find the greatness in people and ACT365 and Knowledge for Leaders is a powerful tool.”

Don Pratt,
Current Director of Training
Utility One Source

Competencies covered include:

  • Coaching & Counseling
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Performance Management
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Setting Goals & Standards
  • Influence & Negotiation & Managing Change.

The Edge Gap Analysis (view sample report) is a 2-way (self & manager) feedback tool measuring perceived performance. This instrument employs 100 specific leadership behavioral statements measuring perceived performance in 12 critical leadership competencies. In addition to the 8 competencies listed above, it includes the following:

  • Adaptability & Innovation
  • Team Building
  • Managing Diversity
  • Trust & Integrity

This assessment will identify performance gaps and hidden strengths, as well as help, clarify performance expectations for the leader.

Completing the Edge Gap Analysis in conjunction with the Knowledge for Leaders provides a unique opportunity to view the correlation between knowledge and performance for the 8 common competencies assessed. The Knowledge Performance Grid, a four-quadrant report included in the Edge Gap Analysis, provides insight on strengths, as well as training and coaching needs.

Approximately 11 months after the participant begins the ACT365 program, they will participate in an Edge 360 for Leaders(view sample report)

The Edge360 for Leaders is a multi-rater assessment tool collecting confidential feedback from supervisors, peers, direct reports, and internal or external customers. This assessment is aligned with the core competencies found in Knowledge for Leaders and the Edge Gap Analysis tools. The Edge 360-Degree report is a detailed 60+ page report that includes Task Summary, Gap Analysis, And Item Detail as well as a Knowledge Performance Grid, which incorporates the learner’s knowledge and perception data – providing leaders with the most comprehensive individual leadership profile available.


“The most important thing that one can gain from the ACT365 program is the understanding of how they are viewed through the eyes of their team. The information gained through this program is an essential part of being a successful leader.”

John Barton,
Practical Training and Development

Upon completion of the Knowledge for Leaders and Edge Gap Analysis, the leader will be assigned an Edge Coach Partner whom they will be working with throughout the year. The coach will conduct a one-hour telephonic interpretive coaching session with the leader and their manager and review the results of the assessments. They will aid in creating an action plan and confirm learning recommendations.

All Edge Coach Partners have tremendous experience administering and interpreting Edge assessment instruments. All coaches are subject matter experts with 20+ years in corporate learning and organizational development. They are committed to quality through consistent interpretation of data and securing specific calls to action. They will help you leverage your assessment results to focus development where needed by selecting the best training available to address the most critical needs.

Throughout the year the coach will contact the leader via e-mail to measure progress and adjust goals to achieve desired outcomes. Upon completion of the Edge 360 for Leaders, a final one hour telephonic interpretive coaching call will be conducted. During this call, the Edge 360 for Leaders results will be discussed, the coach will also aid in measuring progress and planning for future development. View Sample Report


The leaders and their Edge Coach Partner will identify primary and secondary learning objectives based on the Knowledge for Leaders and Edge Gap Analysis Results. As an ACT365 participant the leader will have 365 day 24/7 access to the best available online learning to address development objectives and action items. Edge has sourced the most cost-effective learning aligned with the Competencies and behaviors assessed.

“We have used Edge Training online courses for the past several years. They have a wide variety of courses which are easy to navigate through and are a great learning tool for our field employees to use during inclement weather days as well as other employees. We are particularly focused on building a team of well-rounded individuals that want to develop themselves for the future. We highly recommend these online courses.”

Organizational Development
SCANA Services

American Management Association (AMA)
All ACT365 participants will receive access for 1 year to 2 high quality on-line courses written and designed by the American Management Association. Courses provide the latest management information, “how-to” explanations, practical examples, and real solutions to your daily challenges. These courses bring up-to-date, real world solutions for today’s business challenges. Each online course is filled with practical exercises relating the underlying theory to your every day work environment. The leader and their coach will select 2 AMA courses based on their primary areas of focus. View Sample List

All ACT365 participants will receive access for 1 year to 4 Skillsoft Courses. These high quality and engaging courses will address secondary learning objectives identified by the assessments and coaching call. View Sample List

Leadership Modeling Channel
ACT365 participants will receive 24/7 access to behavioral modeling videos demonstrating consistent positive leadership behaviors in the assessed competencies. Just watching these award winning short form videos will give participants insight and opportunities to practice modeled behavior to enhance on the job performance. View Program List

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Classroom Training
ALL ACT365 participants have access to high quality classroom content through our partnerships with classroom training providers like National Seminars, New Horizons and Global Knowledge. The leader can browse upcoming open-enrollment courses in their area and with manager/company approval register and attend these courses where appropriate. Courses can be searched by skill, topic and location over 100,000 upcoming instructor led training events and selected based on what suits the individual developmental needs. Please note that all classroom training events have additional fees ranging from $199-$299 per person, per event.

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