StepUp Emerging Leader Development Program



StepUp leadership development program

Do you have high potential candidates interested in exploring a leadership position?

Are you looking for a Cost Effective, Turnkey Solution to develop these candidates?

Look No Further:


The StepUp Emerging Leader Development program is a comprehensive, longitudinal, self-paced development experience, designed to help you identify and develop future leaders organically. StepUp is the end result of years of product testing and service development. The StepUp leadership development training program is the culmination of client experience and it works.


Three Phase Leadership Development Training Program

StepUp is a three phase, multi-step, self-paced process designed to help organizations grow leaders organically. Using developmental tools and recommendations of readiness, the potential candidate works through the three phases of the program.


Phase 1 Exploring - leadership development training program

supports the potential candidate in exploring a leadership role and determining their readiness for this position.

Phase 2 Buidling - leadership development training program

aids the potential candidate in developing their leadership skills.

Phase 3 Assessing - leadership development training program

offered to the highest potential candidates where the individual participates in a TalentSIM Job Simulation.


The three phases are tailored to your organizational needs. Leveraging our proprietary resources as well as content from some of our partners (Skillsoft, AMA, CMR, Mercer etc.) and supplementing with resources your organization has available (classroom training or learning activities, etc.), we can tailor StepUp to any company or position.


Customized for each client using an ASP model, StepUp guides each candidate through the growth process. The customized automation and communication process makes it easy for the candidate’s current manager to engage, support, and coach the future leaders through this development program.


Utilize the tabs below to learn more about each phase. Contact Edge for a demo.